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Founder of Dochase Adx Digital. Pioneered a Digital/AI Advertising technology.


Founder of Shago Payments Limited. Launched a FinTech payment platform and grew to 4K users and 2 Billion in revenue within one year


Founder of Chaka. Piloted a FinTech global stock trading platform that allows trading in over 10 countries.


Founder of Jimcol Resources Nigeria Limited, an oil company with over $5,000,000 in revenue that provides Non-Destructive Testing Services and Drilling Support Services.


Founder of Shago Payments Limited. Launched a FinTech payment platform and grew to 4K users and 2 Billion in revenue within one year


Founder of Crop2Cash. Makes formal financing a 100% transparent process for banks while providing much-needed capital to responsible farmers.

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Founder of Auto Dome Ltd, a one -stop Shop for all Automobile Needs.

Uchena Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu.jpg

c. Founded an educational organization for children and youths in STEM through a STEM-LAB. Mentored the girls from Nigeria who won the Technovation Award.

Uju Uzo-Ojinnaka.jpg

Founder of Traders of Africa - TOFA. a Pan African online marketplace for products grown, produced or manufactured in Africa Only.


Founder of Afrimash Company Limited, an Agritech e-commerce with over 100,000 customers across Nigeria.


Founder of Ligare Technologies Limited. Ligare is changing the face of B2B logistics in Nigeria using technology and operational expertise.


Founder of Neat Microcredit. Provides small holder farmers and petty traders with micro funds and technical training. Currently operational in 2 states. Provides $2,000,000 in loan monthly

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Successful Alumni 2019

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Founder of Raised $500,000 USD and launched 50 franchises.


Founder of OgaVenue, the largest on-line platform to book event venues in Nigeria. Raised additional funds and launched OgaHotel with six hotel franchises.

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Co-founder of PlentyWaka. Launched ride hailing service and provided over 100,000 rides in the first five months. “Cascador raised my game.”

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Founder of MobiCure. Doubled the number of subscribers. Committed to business success as a means to impact more lives.

Anuwaloapo Akinola.png

Founder of Xtraokids which has served children for 12 years. Developed a less capital-intensive business model which will enable significant expansion.

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Founder of PrepClass with over 400 tutors under contract. Expanded his vision of what entrepreneurs could do by interacting with the other Cascador participants.

Mogaji Africanfarmer.png

Founder of FarmCredit NG. Developed a more transparent and performance-based management style.

Adepeju Jaiyeoba.png

Founder of Mothers Delivery Kits which sold over 500,000 kits to rural women. Launched a new business to sell nutritious baby food.

Usman Ali Lawan.png

Founder of Farmer in Suit. Radical shift to a sustainable business model as a viable way to make the impact he aspires to.

Jumoke Dada.png

Focused on becoming the ‘IKEA of Africa,’ Refined the business model with emphasis on B2C sales, digital marketing, ecommerce and social media and now earning over 100 new customers per month.


 Founder of Farm Alert, helping farmers develop sustainable practices that will enable them to become more efficient first as an individual and also profitable as a business.